About us

It is our mission to offer physical, mental and spiritual support to cancer patients and their family member through nourishment, education, housing, prayer, and mentoring in a positive environment.

HCR is more than just a team of. It is a community of caring individuals who have themselves experienced cancer and now assist as volunteers. We call them our “HCR Angels”.

We also have Spanish speaking Angels who assist with the Spanish community. Se Habla Español.


Welcome to Hope Cancer Retreat.  We are located in a quiet suburb of Houston, Texas approximately 38 minutes from MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Founded in 2009, HCR was developed as result of our own personal experience with Cancer.  After realizing the needs and challenges involved, here at HCR, we have tried to capture every detail in creating an environment that is comfortable, and spiritually nurturing.  Staffed with volunteers who have also battled cancer, your stay here will provide you with a support system that can assist you as you travel on your road to recovery.

Hope Cancer Retreat is not sponsored by any individual church or denomination.  We are, however, a  faith-based organization.  If your organization would like to assist us in this mission, please contact us. Remember that we are a 501c-3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible

Jenny and Larry Jackson


How We Got Our Name

We felt so blessed to live so close to MD Anderson when Larry was diagnosed with cancer. We could drive home 38 miles after his treatment and feel the peace of getting away from the city of Houston. It gave us some sense of normalcy. We thought with Larry’s carpentry ability we could build a cottage and give someone a place to sleep but we soon knew deep in our hearts it would entail so much more than a place to lay your head. We knew we would have to name this place but did not want to name it after us.

One day while going down the road and talking to God about this place we envisioned Larry was thinking and said what is it we want to give these people more than anything? The word Hope came to mind. Hope that they could beat cancer. Hope that while they were fighting for their life the assurance that God knew exactly where they were here in Splendora Texas. You have to have Hope before you can have faith. So “Hope” only made sense.

Hope what?

When you are going through the fight of your life, and you have been on the battlefield you need a break every now and then. You need a place to retreat, a place to rest and catch your breath. That was it. It only made sense. HOPE CANCER RETREAT, a place to get you away from the busy city and heat. Houston is a place where everywhere you look has the name MD Anderson Cancer Center plastered across it. When you are fighting cancer you long for a thought, a conversation that will help you escape cancer. HCR is that place that is quiet in the country that would be conducive to your healing. Conducive simply means an atmosphere to promote or assist.

We know Larry came through cancer on purpose for a purpose to reach out to others fighting their battle with cancer. For those who may be blessed enough to stay in the cottages with us I hope you know this, it is no accident. From the very thought that Hope Cancer Retreat was conceived in our hearts, you were on our mind. We named it on purpose, the style, the coziness and comfort of the cottages was with you in mind. It didn’t come easy, it didn’t come free. It came with a lot of sacrifices and hard work on our part. We know Hope Cancer Retreat isn’t for everyone, but it is specifically for certain people who need more than to be in a strange city and an empty hotel room. We are not a hotel service.  We pray that God sends us the people that we are supposed to help.  We are a ministry.

Jenny and Larry Jackson