Providing cancer patients a more personal lodging experience

At our retreat, guests have the opportunity to experience the comforts of home in a peaceful, secluded environment while still being in close proximity to the finest treatment facilities in the country.

Meet Larry & Jenny

“When people drive onto the grounds, they feel peace already. It's just a comforting feeling and homey feeling that they have. Then, when they go into the cottages, it feels like home... and I love it that they sleep well.”

The Blog

Rhonda Papadimitriou

By jennyjackson | July 30, 2017

Meet our 1st  guest to check into her cottage today. This is Rhonda Papadimitriou. This young lady is a tough cookie. March 31st she had part of her right lung removed, around May 31st she had cancer removed from her breast and reconstructive surgery. She is married and a mother of 2 from Lake Charles.…

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Answered Prayers

By jennyjackson | July 30, 2017

A year ago I joined a speaking group called Toastmasters. I knew I would always be speaking about “cancer” so I wanted to become the best I could be at communicating how cancer affects people. That is a touchy subject, it can be a wet blanket, it can be sad but there is so much…

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Opening out doors wider

By jennyjackson | July 22, 2017

I received  a very unusual call from a mother asking if we only allow cancer patients to stay here. I didn’t quite know how to answer her. I quickly filtered my thoughts and said well let me put it this way helping cancer patients is where our heart is and that is the only kind…

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