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A year ago I joined a speaking group called Toastmasters. I knew I would always be speaking about “cancer” so I wanted to become the best I could be at communicating how cancer affects people. That is a touchy subject, it can be a wet blanket, it can be sad but there is so much good you will see along the way if you are looking for it, but you won’t see what your not looking for. It is life and it is all about perspective.  It may not be life to everyone yet but I think every family will somehow become personally acquainted with cancer. I felt like my mission was not only to prepare this professional group but be a good witness and get some practice along the way.

Four months ago we were having a birthday party which turned into literally a “Community Carnival” and we were calling on all hands to help. I asked two of my new friends Mike Blizman, and David Siudmak if they would assist me and come and be our parking attendants. They said sure. They had heard me always speak on “Pookie” and our relationship, and Hope Cancer Retreat so they checked us out on our website before they came. When they came they met Pookie and I gave them the grand tour of HCR. I didn’t know what they thought but a few weeks later they came to me and said Jenny, we don’t know exactly how to say this but after coming to Hope Cancer Retreat your website nowhere does you justice. Hope Cancer Retreat is so much better than the message your website is portraying. I told them people have been telling me this for several years but I don’t understand what they mean. Our guest always says HCR is so much nicer than the website portrays but we don’t know what to do to improve it. We have had several people say they were going to redo our website when they got those warm and fuzzy feelings but never saw things through. They then explained that is what they did. They designed websites/branding/logo’s etc. and they would love to modernize ours and give it the attention they felt it deserved. We had several meetings, text, and emails and agreed but I was a bit skeptical and so was the Pookster. What do they mean by modernize? With their educated and trained eye critique my story telling and will they omit that? They have to understand people that have had encounters with cancer relate to my stories. Will they so modernize it that you won’t feel our heart?  I had several concerns.  48 Creative set a date and they came out with video cameras and hours of questioning (which you will see on the video) and we just left the script and began a heartfelt conversation. I don’t care for my voice, I don’t like me on camera and the Pook doesn’t like himself either  but I will say our hearts spoke so much louder than our looks and for that we are grateful. People love us for how we make them feel when they are around us not how we look. They heard not only our concerns and words but our hearts. They felt us and we are so thrilled with the new look and portrayal 48 Creative gave to us.

They don’t know this but I found a prayer I had written on April 2nd, 2013 and it was asking God to send me technical web help. God sent me my friend Jami Haney to push me into growth and be the administrator over HCR FB page and now I feel like the prayer that I wrote has been completely fulfilled. Last week one of the guys came and spent the day with me training me on how to navigate my way around to make post and blogs. I could have hired any web designer but God was going to answer my prayer and through men at Toastmasters.

I have many friends with 501 (c) (3) and in ministry. I hope you consider this group.  They do video, logo design and website. 48 Creative helps non-profits in need by developing quality graphic and web design, promotional video and engaging photography along with a thoughtful social medial strategy to help each organization  brand, and spread their message. They also can be found on Facebook. They were very easy to work with. I hope you consider them. For more personal information feel free to contact me. Thank you 48 Creative for an awesome job.


Jenny & Pookie

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