Opening out doors wider

I received  a very unusual call from a mother asking if we only allow cancer patients to stay here. I didn’t quite know how to answer her. I quickly filtered my thoughts and said well let me put it this way helping cancer patients is where our heart is and that is the only kind of guest we have had stay so far. I asked her why was she asking. She said well we have 2 boys 9 and 14. Our youngest son has epilepsy and he is seen by a specialist at Texas Children’s to keep it under control. We bring our 14 yr old so he can step out in the lobby and sit with our 9 yr old when we talk to the doctor afterwards. We don’t want our 9 year old alarmed by the medical talk. We have to come for 3 days at the end of the month and possibly a week of testing a couple of weeks afterwards depending on the results of the first visit. Would we possibly be candidate to get to stay there? We cannot afford $100.00 and up a night. I said sure, we really have a heart for helping and like I said our first love is to cancer patients but your family can stay here too. Pookie came in and I was telling him the story and he asked so what did you tell her? I said I told her yes they could stay here. They live 9 hours away and had a need. He said you did the right thing! So looks like we will be having our first non cancer guest staying here starting on the 30th.

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