The Trstenjak Family

Meet our 4th and final check in for the day. This family is the first  non cancer family we have had. It is not that we would not allow anyone else but is the first time we were ever asked if we would consider it. This family is from Brownsville Texas they have 7 children the youngest being 2 and the oldest being Noah that is with them and 14 yrs. old Ezra is 8 years old and is seen at Texas Children’s Hospital for epilepsy. This family has to be the most thankful family we have seen in a while. Lodging is challenging for a family with children. Many families with children are not allowed in lodging places because children are a higher liability. When they called us “A Cancer Retreat” and we allowed them in they couldn’t be more appreciative especially with it not costing them an arm and a leg. We have all these trees and in “the valley” they are not use to anything but low brush so they are all so impressed with the beauty here, the niceness of the cottages etc.  They will only be here for 3 days leaving Wednesday. Pook was showing them “The Great Room” and I excused myself to come in and make my post so I could call it a day and the dad asked Pookie do you mind if I pray for you? The whole family gathered around Pookie and prayed for him. What a treat! We are thankful to have this family to leave our DNA on at this time.

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