A piano we never knew we needed

You have heard me say how my friends have pushed me further than I would have gone on my own. We had a previous guest named Mark Lasko here for cancer treatment several years ago. He was part of the praise and worship team at his church in Mobile Alabama. One night he was at our house for supper and we all sat around in the living room talking, playing the guitar and singing. We never knew how much of an impression it made on him. Last year right after we got “The Great Room” built he called me. We talked and he told me Jenny you will never know what an impression it made on me. It was like God carved out this place in Houston for him and his family, and then they had to go home. He never felt alone, we had so much in common. We sat around and sang. He said Jenny, I will forever remember those times and my times at HCR. I love the pictures of “The Great Room” and I want you to go and buy a piano for that room. There may come a time that someone else needs the music. You go pick out whatever you want, I will send the money for it. I immediately went and bought what I wanted but…..I really had not planned on a piano and if asked I wouldn’t have figured that in my want list but……God did. The only thing that Mark wanted was a plaque on it in memory of his brother. His brother had been killed in a car accident they were both in years earlier. His request  was easy to fill.

Well we have had Christmas Caroling, and sing-a-longs most importantly I sometime escape to the great room. I only turn on one section of lights and I play myself into a peaceful place. No one is in there but me and God. No one listening but God, so I thought. Today I came out and Pookie was on the other side in his shop and he had a chair pulled up and he said I enjoyed singing with you. I said Pook your suppose to be on the tractor, he said yeah but I knew what you were probably doing and I didn’t want to disturb you. Tonight one of our families here has 2 boys. The oldest one Noah came and rang the door bell and asked if it would be alright if he went in “The Great Room” and practiced on the piano. Pook said sure. Pookie snuck in and recorded him. He is an excellent musician. He is without a doubt being raised like we were we played music not watched TV so much.  While Noah is away from home, he found his peaceful spot too.

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